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2048R InGaAs Linescan Camera at 145Klps

준비젼 0 1,559 2016.01.21 02:04
The GL 2048 R and GL2048L cameras deliver the high-resolution, stability and reliability needed for Optical Coherence Tomography. Compact and slim, the cameras feature an InGaAs photodiode array of 2048 pixels on 10 µm-pitch with an aperture height of 210 µm. High spectral resolution is provided over the short-wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths from 0.99 to 1.65 µm. The simultaneous acquisition across all pixels delivers the superior stability, repeatability, and long operating life needed for vital medical and industrial machine vision. Features .2048 x 1 pixel array with 10 µm pitch .High QE from 0.99 µm to 1.65 µm .Solid-state FPA with snapshot exposure .User controlled exposure and line period .Line rates from 0.1 k to 76 k lines per second or 10 k to >145 k lps .1200 : 1 dynamic range in high gain .4 gain/full-well choices .External triggering of line and exposure via Camera Link CC1 line .Enclosed body < 129 cm3 (< 7.9 in3 ) .OEM board size < 35 cm3 (< 2.1 in3 ) .Low power < 3.3 W over 6-12 V .Acquires and saves user non-uniformity corrections .Base or Medium 12-bit Camera Link® interfaces .Meets FCC and CE requirements for radiated and conducted emissions, for immunity from such emissions and for ESD resistance .The GL2048L and R are compliant with EU RoHS Directives


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